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Playing Up


Players must register for all programs based on their birthdate. The online program registration allows players to request ‘play-ups’ - that is, to be placed on in an age group that does not reflect their birthdate. However, players must be registered (with the request noted) prior to June 30 to be considered.


The ‘Association’ Director will review all requests for players on older teams (U11 and up) by July 31. The ‘Mod’ Director will review all requests for players on younger teams (U6 to U10) by August 31.


Playing up is a parent request, and a board decision. Our emphasis will be on creating full teams in each age group in order to maximize the soccer opportunities for all registrants. Decisions are informed by player age, skill, and team capacity. Requests are considered in order of birth date within each age group – the older requesting players are considered first.


Play-up requests granted for one year do not carry over into future years. Each year is considered separately.


Additional questions can be submitted to [email protected]

Field Status

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Vashon High School Stadium (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

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AGREN PARK (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

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VES (The Harbor School) (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

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McMurray Middle School (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

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VHS Practice Field (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)