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Jun, 2020

Congratulations new board members

The Vashon Island Soccer Club held our Annual General Meeting on June 9th. Due to the continued quarantine, we held our meeting over Zoom. Another major change this year was the way votes were counted. We asked for each team to send a representative with voting rights. This means greater commitment in advance and the numbers of participants this year were solid with at least 36 present on the Zoom call. Some arrived late and some left early, so overall participation may have been higher than 36.

In addition to discussing the 2019 season from an Association and MOD perspective, we also discussed our COVID-19 return to play plans and we elected new officers. Outgoing president Darragh Kennan presided over the whole meeting and newly elected president Scott Thorpe helped count the votes. The position that Scott vacated was the Vice-President role, which Nick Keenan was voted into. Nick, in turn, vacated the MOD-Director position and we voted in John Coghlan to fill that position.

John is new to the board and we hope that he knows what he is getting himself into, During the season, no other position has to work harder and we are all happy that John is willing to take this on.

Larissa Webb also moved positions, from Registrar to Secretary, and continuing the chain of position shuffling, Nicole Tadano became a new officer by moving from Equipment Coordinator to Registrar.

Over the weekend, the officers met in order to fill the Coordinator positions. Shanti Escovedo takes over as Development Director, April Bottman-Haase steps in as Equipment Coordinator, and Lucy Wing moved into the Promotions Coordinator position full time. Last year she helped as an assistant.

Currently open positions are WebMaster and Fundraiser. Please contact us if you are interested in helping in one of those roles.

Field Status

Open Open

Vashon High School Stadium (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VES (The Harbor School) (03:43 PM | 06/10/21)

Open Open

AGREN PARK (03:43 PM | 06/10/21)

Open Open

McMurray Middle School (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VHS Practice Field (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)