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Vashon Soccer


On Island Mod Soccer Leagues

Vashon Micro Intro Soccer - U5 and U6 players join their parents for Sunday afternoon coed intro to soccer 

Vashon Mod Coed Soccer - U7, U8 and U9 players have weeknight coed practice and Sunday coed games

Vashon Mod Boys and Girls Soccer - U10 and U11 players in separate gender teams for weeknight practices and Sunday coed games

Off Island Association Soccer Leagues 

PCS Pierce County Soccer hosts our U12 teams in recreational divisions with other clubs near Tacoma and Gig Harbor

 South Sound United League host our U13 - U19 teams in recreational or select divisions with other clubs in Central and South Sound.

NPSL North Puget Sound League hosts recreation and select leagues for North Sound clubs in 4 counties. Vashon teams join NPSL divisions when there are not enough South Sound teams form appropriate divisions.

RCL Regional Club League is a premier league that provides the highest level of competition in the state. 

Field Status

Closed Closed

Vashon High School Stadium (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

Closed Closed

AGREN PARK (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

Closed Closed

VES (The Harbor School) (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

Closed Closed

McMurray Middle School (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

Closed Closed

VHS Practice Field (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)