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Vashon Soccer


Your responsibilities as a soccer parent:


  • Please be early to practices so that we can start on time (it really helps the coach)
  • Kids should eat 1 hour before and be at games 30 - 45 min before.
  • Kids take responsibility for their guards/cleats/water/jersey.
  • Be their cheerleader AFTER plays.
  • Do not instruct on what they SHOULD do (development requires them owning their decisions).
  • After the game, don't talk about the game.
  • Do not EVER direct comments to the ref.
  • Talk to your coach about things going on with your kid psychosocially.
  • Ask your coach how you can help.
  • Never walk onto the field.

(information below will be updated for the 2021 season in August)

Game and Practice Schedule Links

VISC MOD ScheduleLink
SSUL ScheduleLink
PCS Schedule

Medical Release Form:
  • Get your medical release form to your coach.
  • Coaches will keep the form and use it in case of an injury.


Field Status

Open Open

Vashon High School Stadium (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VES (The Harbor School) (03:43 PM | 06/10/21)

Open Open

AGREN PARK (03:43 PM | 06/10/21)

Open Open

McMurray Middle School (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VHS Practice Field (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)