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Your responsibilities as a soccer parent:

  • Please be early to practices so that we can start on time (it really helps the coach)
  • Kids should eat 1 hour before and be at games 30 - 45 min before.
  • Kids take responsibility for their guards/cleats/water/jersey.
  • Be their cheerleader AFTER plays.
  • Do not instruct on what they SHOULD do (development requires them owning their decisions).
  • After the game, don't talk about the game.
  • Do not EVER direct comments to the ref.
  • Talk to your coach about things going on with your kid psychosocially.
  • Ask your coach how you can help.

Medical Release Form:
  • Get your medical release form to your coach.
  • Coaches will keep the form and use it in case of an injury.

2018 Archive:

SSUL ScheduleLink
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Field Status

Open Open

Vashon High School Stadium (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Closed Closed

AGREN PARK (10:14 AM | 05/20/20)

Open Open

VES (The Harbor School) (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

McMurray Middle School (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VHS Practice Field (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)