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May, 2023

Discount Codes for Fall Registration

We don't want to turn anyone away. We make our discount codes available to everyone and hope that you use these codes if you need them. For those who can afford it, we ask to donate extra. In most years, the donations nearly cover the cost of the scholarships.

In order to use these, follow the registration steps to the final page and then enter the code in that matches your price. If you have multiple programs or multiple participants and need a specific custom code, please don't hesitate to contact our Registrar, [email protected].

$20 76812
$40 967286
$90 783956
$97 498094
$125 168317
$180 766004
$190 928851
$200 269086
$220 768000

Field Status

Open Open

Vashon High School Stadium (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VES (The Harbor School) (03:43 PM | 06/10/21)

Open Open

AGREN PARK (03:43 PM | 06/10/21)

Open Open

McMurray Middle School (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)

Open Open

VHS Practice Field (02:23 PM | 07/19/20)