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More Soccer (Off Season Play)

Vashon Island Soccer Club supports many of soccer opportunities beyond the primary fall soccer season. Off-season play is intended for kids who crave soccer outside of the regular Fall Club season. The Vashon Island Soccer Club recognizes that cross-training is an effective way for youth athletes to achieve their greatest physical potential and psychosocial maturity and we do not intend for soccer to be a substitute for other sports during their regular season. We believe in variety as greater choice in sports promotes health for all kids.  


Our club focuses on the fall soccer season and creates no expectation that players should extend their play to be successful in soccer.

However, we do provide support for coaches that want to offer off-season soccer to players that demonstrate the desire and motivation to play more than the regular Fall season provides. We also support play in a winter futsal league. These opportunities are at the discretion of the volunteer coach.  Coaches are encouraged to offer all players/guardians in the age cohort the opportunity to discuss with the coach the suitability of each player for the planned event(s).

Coaches may choose players:

  • that find the most enjoyment in the game
  • have best fit the level of competitive play
  • have an ability to listen well and focus on more complex activities
  • have stamina for intense training
  • have families with the flexibility to meet varied practice schedules and games
  • other similar reasons.

Coaches will try to accommodate as many appropriate players as possible, however, roster size is often limited by league and tournament rules. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions about their individual coaching plans for tournaments or other off-season play.

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